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17. Betty Blue (UK) (USA)
37°2 le matin (original French title)
37.2 Degrees in the Morning (International: English title)

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Zorg (Jean-Hugues Anglade) is a handyman working at a beach resort in France. He looks after the wooden beach bungalows, leading a quiet life, working during the day and writing a novel in his spare time.

Betty (Béatrice Dalle) walks into his life. Betty is a beautiful but unpredictable young woman. She is stormy as she is gorgeous, given to disturbing tantrums.

Betty discovers the manuscript of a novel Zorg has written. She thinks him a genius and takes on the job of getting it published, an enterprise that provides the film's narrative thread.

After a dispute with the owner of the beach bugalows, Betty throws all of Zorg's furniture out of his own bungalow. Zorg and an old man watch from a distance, and the old man notes locanicly "Your pad will look very Zen now".

Zorg and Betty leave for the city, where they move in with Betty's friend Lisa (Consuelo de Haviland) and her man Eddy (Gerard Darmon) a restaurateur. Betty gets a job at a restaurant. Later Eddy employs Zorg and Betty to run the family's business in the country.

She has persuaded Zorg to get his novel published. But the publishers' rejection slips cause Betty to get more and more frstrated. Betty's increasingly unpredictable and violent behaviour is starting to get out of control, and the rest of the film concentrates on how Zorg deals with the consequences.

This is an extraordinarily sensual film with its own unsettling integrity. Beineix writes purple film noir dialogue, matched by a cenematic style full of crane shots and gliding camera shots. The music also works well, especially the evocative sound of saxaphone and harmonica.

Like Zorg, we are seduced by Betty's bright eyes, sensual mouth and unpredictable ways. When Zorg says "I'll eat chili no matter how hot it is," we have as little idea as he does how hot it can get. One reviewer has aptly described this movie as a "devastating combination of French farce and Greek tragedy".

Dalle finds with astonishing accuracy the essence of her role - one that will leave you unsettled for life if you have ever experienced a personality anything like Betty's.

The story is based on a novel by Philippe Djian

Genre: romance, drama.
120 min /
France:185 min (director's cut)
Director: Jean-Jacques Beineix
Country: France
Writing credits:
Philippe Djian (novel)
Jean-Jacques Beineix
Produced by
Jean-Jacques Beineix — producer
Claudie Ossard — producer
Original Music: Gabriel Yared
Cinematography: Jean-François Robin
Colour: Fujicolor
Sound Mix: Mono

Jean-Hugues Anglade — Zorg
Béatrice Dalle — Betty
Gérard Darmon — Eddy
Consuelo De Haviland — Lisa
Clémentine Célarié — Annie
Jacques Mathou — Bob
Vincent Lindon — Richard le jeune policier
Catherine D'At
Claude Aufaure — Le médecin
Louis Bellanti — Mario
Dominique Besnehard — Client pizzeria
Raoul Billerey — Le vieux policier
Nathalie Dalyan — Maria
Nicolas Jalowyj — Le petit Nicolas
André Julien — Le vieux Georges
Daniel Millot
Marthe Moudiki-Moreau
Bernard Robin — Deuxième locataire
Claude Confortès — Propriétaire des bungalows
Philippe Laudenbach — L'éditeur, Le gynéco
Leonie Berthuit — La morte
Frédéric Caratini — Archie
Raymond Julien — Le vieux type décès
Jacky Galibert — L'infirmier musclé

complete version only
Jean-Pierre Bisson — Le commissaire
Dominique Pinon — Le dealer/Dope dealer
Bernard Hug
Fabien Béhar
Simon de La Brosse
Franck-Olivier Bonnet
Eugène Berthier
Christine Datnowsky
Claude Duneton
Jessica Forde
Rabah Loucif
Bernadette Palas
Laurence Renn
Stéphane Verbiest

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