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21. Les Visiteurs
(Les Visiteurs - Ils ne sont pas nés d'hier (France))
(The Visitors)

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The highest grossing comedy of all time in France.

.A medieval nobleman Comte Godefroy de Montmirail (Jean Reno) and his squire Jacquart (Christian Clavier) take a magic potion and are sent into the distant future - all the way from 1123 France to late twentieth century France.

The Count and his squire have to accomodate themselves to their new world, and this provides the material for much standard time-travel humour. They spend the rest of the film dealing with novelties such as motor cars and bathrooms, and arranging to get home again to their own time.

This is above all old-fashioned slapstick humor.

The only notable acting comes from Valerie Lemercier. Back in the 12th century, she's a noblewoman betrothed to Godefroy. In the twentieth she's the wife of a dentist. If you get fed up with the slapstick, just watch her expert timing.

The film was remade in the US as Just Visiting. As always, a very poor imitation of the original even though it .retained its two principal French actors, Jean Reno and Christian Clavier. Slapstick with all the subtlety removed.


Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
107 min
France:185 min (director's cut)
Country: France
Director: Jean-Marie Poiré
Writing credits:
Christian Clavier
Jean-Marie Poiré
Produced by Alain Terzian
Original Music: Eric Levi
Non-Original Music: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Cinematography: Jean-Yves Le Mener
Colour: Colour
Sound Mix: Dolby

Christian Clavier — Jacquouille la Fripouille, also Jacquard
Jean Reno — Godefroy de Papincourt, also Comte de Montmirail
Valérie Lemercier — Frénégonde de Pouille also Béatrice de Montmirail
Marie-Anne Chazel — Ginette la clocharde
Christian Bujeau — Jean-Pierre
Isabelle Nanty — Fabienne Morlot
Gérard Séty — Edgar Bernay
Didier Pain — Louis VI le Gros
Jean-Paul Muel — Marechal des Logis Gibon
Arielle Séménoff — Jacqueline (as Ariel Séménoff)
Michel Peyrelon — Edouard Bernay
Pierre Vial — Wizard Eusebius/Monsieur Ferdinand
François Lalande — Priest
Didier Bénureau — Intern Beauvin
Frédéric Baptiste — Freddy
Pierre Aussedat — Chief Sgt. Morlet
Tara Gano — Witch
Stéphanie Marie — Princess Kathlyn, mistress of Louis VI
Jean-Luc Caron — Ganelon
Anna Gaylor — Godfroid de Mont-Mirail's Mother
Claire Magnin — Rejuvenate's Old Woman
Eric Averlant — Brother Raoul
Jean-Pierre Clami — Restaurant's Boss
Thierry Liagre — Restaurant's Cook
David Gabison — Maître d'hôtel
Patrick Burgel — Duc de Pouille, Frénégonde's Father
Paul Bandey — Henri 1st Beauclerc, King of England
Jérôme Berthoud
Amandine Boyadjian
Yohan Boyadjian
Katia Delagarde
Eric Denize
Béla Gruschka
Dominique Hulin
Jean-Guillaume Le Dantec
Madeleine Marie
André Raffard
Michel Scourneau
Théophile Sowié — The Postman
Nadia Vasil
Katja Weitzenböck
Olivier Wojciechowski

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